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0x0b6c17029e8562cbbf29915eb360455b613f5172284146952452c5843ab6203c6245105176 days 12 hrs ago0xccf3387c5deb6edd0f9c81f09bc4897c8240559c IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.001822109 Ether0.000296485
0x902d07ea884615f9509f1af8c5117959fbcd2dfb78af6ca1b7aca14cb37325646245059176 days 13 hrs ago0xccf3387c5deb6edd0f9c81f09bc4897c8240559c IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.010033318 Ether0.000177891
0x6f797092e6128be5d5b1100f72ac0365442b76e38b1841b24bd063b962f1e6056245042176 days 13 hrs ago0xccf3387c5deb6edd0f9c81f09bc4897c8240559c IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.0012109 Ether0.000177891
0xa2f3786cfc9ff306b3420bbe30f252d3d79fc17676318a44f5a8c905f3149c276244879176 days 13 hrs ago0xccf3387c5deb6edd0f9c81f09bc4897c8240559c IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.001690338 Ether0.000177891
0xa5b878d3e85857c044a11d18a2572c121a331e4dcd9874c7143324e204a10c356244755176 days 14 hrs ago0x026089ad378d69fe2e476e23addb8adef1f44533 IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.038512782 Ether0.000237188
0x88ca3b741574abe8d8baed659055535df817cf49d11737f269f560485d7b11496244532176 days 15 hrs ago0x026089ad378d69fe2e476e23addb8adef1f44533 IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.003762894 Ether0.000297188
0x5361932442df1fbe5208c54bc592506de8c67580e37c2a08d8fb019a020c5b765067773377 days 19 hrs ago0x086916c93be6a0dc1695e7859cef19ac58346650 IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.01 Ether0.002431177
0xd7e69cc99482bac66cd77ff29e529fbb7f8cb4cb2a9176743e463564a1a952d84965038395 days 2 hrs ago0x086916c93be6a0dc1695e7859cef19ac58346650 IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.01 Ether0.001411643
0xd21d192379cdef8cddb8f20cc5cfd25df5e809b16881a1588b0cd41aac39ec4a4964992395 days 3 hrs ago0xa14a6722c3b77d4a1129450dff4d51f18fcbd308 IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.5 Ether0.001875237
0x2ac7f0498dc2e1181758b7009396aca0052d283c6c47b0dd54d15658b48682554964859395 days 3 hrs ago0x086916c93be6a0dc1695e7859cef19ac58346650 IN  0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690.01 Ether0.000084
0x80204ce1f175c43c070c464887d79f864fcabfc2474642395abd7bb383fa6d784964741395 days 4 hrs ago0xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba IN  Contract Creation0 Ether0.00137756
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0x0b6c17029e8562cbbf29915eb360455b613f5172284146952452c5843ab6203c6245105176 days 12 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.001822109 Ether
0x902d07ea884615f9509f1af8c5117959fbcd2dfb78af6ca1b7aca14cb37325646245059176 days 13 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.010033318 Ether
0x6f797092e6128be5d5b1100f72ac0365442b76e38b1841b24bd063b962f1e6056245042176 days 13 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.0012109 Ether
0xa2f3786cfc9ff306b3420bbe30f252d3d79fc17676318a44f5a8c905f3149c276244879176 days 13 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.001690338 Ether
0xa5b878d3e85857c044a11d18a2572c121a331e4dcd9874c7143324e204a10c356244755176 days 14 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.038512782 Ether
0x88ca3b741574abe8d8baed659055535df817cf49d11737f269f560485d7b11496244532176 days 15 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.003762894 Ether
0x5361932442df1fbe5208c54bc592506de8c67580e37c2a08d8fb019a020c5b765067773377 days 19 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.01 Ether
0xd7e69cc99482bac66cd77ff29e529fbb7f8cb4cb2a9176743e463564a1a952d84965038395 days 2 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.01 Ether
0xd21d192379cdef8cddb8f20cc5cfd25df5e809b16881a1588b0cd41aac39ec4a4964992395 days 3 hrs ago0x7b1d45b747f7e28724d4b32b40dd07dc3665ce690xb8d4b5001946e6c46e39f1b85b69bbfdab87eeba0.5 Ether
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Warning: The compiled contract might be susceptible to ExpExponentCleanup (medium/high-severity), EventStructWrongData (very low-severity), NestedArrayFunctionCallDecoder (medium-severity) Solidity Compiler Bugs.

Contract Source Code Verified (Exact Match)
Contract Name: Crowdsale
Compiler Version: v0.4.19+commit.c4cbbb05
Optimization Enabled: Yes
Runs (Optimizer):  200

Contract Source Code
 * Multigames TrueGoldCoin Token & Crodwsale contract
 * Version 1.00
 * Interwave Global
pragma solidity ^0.4.18;

 * @title Crowdsale
 * @dev Crowdsale is a base contract for managing a token crowdsale.
*  Funds collected are forwarded to a wallet
 * as they arrive.

contract Crowdsale {
  //using SafeMath for uint256;

  // The token being sold
  TrueGoldCoinToken public token;

  // address where funds are collected
  address public wallet;

  // how many token units a buyer gets per wei
  uint256 public rate;

  // amount of raised money in wei
  uint256 public weiRaised;

  // token's account
  address tokenStockAddress;

   * event for token purchase logging
   * @param purchaser who paid for the tokens
   * @param beneficiary who got the tokens
   * @param value weis paid for purchase
   * @param amount amount of tokens purchased
  event TokenPurchase(address indexed purchaser, address indexed beneficiary, uint256 value, uint256 amount);

 function Crowdsale( ) public {
        wallet =   0xB8d4b5001946E6c46e39F1B85B69BbfDaB87EeBa;
        tokenStockAddress = wallet;
        rate = 100 ;
        token = TrueGoldCoinToken(0xE51601f59A610DAc06868aa711A05e9a4e291256);

  // fallback function can be used to buy tokens
  function () external payable {

  // low level token purchase function
  function buyTokens(address beneficiary) public payable {
    require(beneficiary != address(0));
    require(msg.value != 0);

    uint256 weiAmount = msg.value;

    // calculate token amount to be created
    uint256 tokens = weiAmount * rate;

    // update state
    weiRaised = weiRaised + weiAmount;

    // debug
    TokenPurchase(msg.sender, beneficiary, weiAmount, tokens);
    //token.transfer(msg.sender, tokens);
    token.transferFrom(tokenStockAddress, msg.sender, tokens); 


  // send ether to the fund collection wallet
  // override to create custom fund forwarding mechanisms
  function forwardFunds() internal {
  function setRate(uint newRate) external payable {
	require(msg.sender == wallet);
	rate = newRate;

  // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  // TrueGoldCoin Token Contract, version 2.00
  // Interwave Global
  // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
pragma solidity ^0.4.18;

contract owned {
    address public owner;

    function owned() public {
        owner = msg.sender;

    modifier onlyOwner {
        require(msg.sender == owner);

    function transferOwnership(address newOwner) onlyOwner public {
        owner = newOwner;

interface tokenRecipient { function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public; }

contract TokenERC20 {
    // Public variables of the token
    string public name  ;
    string public symbol  ;
    uint8 public decimals = 18;
    // 18 decimals is the strongly suggested default, avoid changing it
    uint256 public totalSupply ;

    // This creates an array with all balances
    mapping (address => uint256) public balanceOf;
    mapping (address => mapping (address => uint256)) public allowance;

    // This generates a public event on the blockchain that will notify clients
    event Transfer(address indexed from, address indexed to, uint256 value);

    // This notifies clients about the amount burnt
    event Burn(address indexed from, uint256 value);

     * Constrctor function
     * Initializes contract with initial supply tokens to the creator of the contract
    function TokenERC20(
        uint256 initialSupply,
        string tokenName,
        string tokenSymbol
    ) public {
        totalSupply = initialSupply * 10 ** uint256(decimals);  // Update total supply with the decimal amount
        balanceOf[msg.sender] = totalSupply;                // Give the creator all initial tokens
        name = tokenName;                                   // Set the name for display purposes
        symbol = tokenSymbol;                               // Set the symbol for display purposes

     * Internal transfer, only can be called by this contract
    function _transfer(address _from, address _to, uint _value) internal {
        // Prevent transfer to 0x0 address. Use burn() instead
        require(_to != 0x0);
        // Check if the sender has enough
        require(balanceOf[_from] >= _value);
        // Check for overflows
        require(balanceOf[_to] + _value > balanceOf[_to]);
        // Save this for an assertion in the future
        uint previousBalances = balanceOf[_from] + balanceOf[_to];
        // Subtract from the sender
        balanceOf[_from] -= _value;
        // Add the same to the recipient
        balanceOf[_to] += _value;
        Transfer(_from, _to, _value);
        // Asserts are used to use static analysis to find bugs in your code. They should never fail
        assert(balanceOf[_from] + balanceOf[_to] == previousBalances);

     * Transfer tokens
     * Send `_value` tokens to `_to` from your account
     * @param _to The address of the recipient
     * @param _value the amount to send
    function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) public {
        _transfer(msg.sender, _to, _value);

     * Transfer tokens from other address
     * Send `_value` tokens to `_to` in behalf of `_from`
     * @param _from The address of the sender
     * @param _to The address of the recipient
     * @param _value the amount to send
    function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success) {
        require(_value <= allowance[_from][msg.sender]);     // Check allowance
        allowance[_from][msg.sender] -= _value;
        _transfer(_from, _to, _value);
        return true;

     * Set allowance for other address
     * Allows `_spender` to spend no more than `_value` tokens in your behalf
     * @param _spender The address authorized to spend
     * @param _value the max amount they can spend
    function approve(address _spender, uint256 _value) public
        returns (bool success) {
        allowance[msg.sender][_spender] = _value;
        return true;

     * Set allowance for other address and notify
     * Allows `_spender` to spend no more than `_value` tokens in your behalf, and then ping the contract about it
     * @param _spender The address authorized to spend
     * @param _value the max amount they can spend
     * @param _extraData some extra information to send to the approved contract
    function approveAndCall(address _spender, uint256 _value, bytes _extraData)
        returns (bool success) {
        tokenRecipient spender = tokenRecipient(_spender);
        if (approve(_spender, _value)) {
            spender.receiveApproval(msg.sender, _value, this, _extraData);
            return true;

     * Destroy tokens
     * Remove `_value` tokens from the system irreversibly
     * @param _value the amount of money to burn
    function burn(uint256 _value) public returns (bool success) {
        require(balanceOf[msg.sender] >= _value);   // Check if the sender has enough
        balanceOf[msg.sender] -= _value;            // Subtract from the sender
        totalSupply -= _value;                      // Updates totalSupply
        Burn(msg.sender, _value);
        return true;

     * Destroy tokens from other account
     * Remove `_value` tokens from the system irreversibly on behalf of `_from`.
     * @param _from the address of the sender
     * @param _value the amount of money to burn
    function burnFrom(address _from, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success) {
        require(balanceOf[_from] >= _value);                // Check if the targeted balance is enough
        require(_value <= allowance[_from][msg.sender]);    // Check allowance
        balanceOf[_from] -= _value;                         // Subtract from the targeted balance
        allowance[_from][msg.sender] -= _value;             // Subtract from the sender's allowance
        totalSupply -= _value;                              // Update totalSupply
        Burn(_from, _value);
        return true;


contract TrueGoldCoinToken is owned, TokenERC20 {

    uint256 public sellPrice;
    uint256 public buyPrice;

    mapping (address => bool) public frozenAccount;

    /* This generates a public event on the blockchain that will notify clients */
    event FrozenFunds(address target, bool frozen);

    /* Initializes contract with initial supply tokens to the creator of the contract */
    function TrueGoldCoinToken(


    TokenERC20(10000000, "TrueGoldCoin", "TGC") public {}
    /* Internal transfer, only can be called by this contract */
    function _transfer(address _from, address _to, uint _value) internal {
        require (_to != 0x0);                               // Prevent transfer to 0x0 address. Use burn() instead
        require (balanceOf[_from] > _value);                // Check if the sender has enough
        require (balanceOf[_to] + _value > balanceOf[_to]); // Check for overflows
        require(!frozenAccount[_from]);                     // Check if sender is frozen
        require(!frozenAccount[_to]);                       // Check if recipient is frozen
        balanceOf[_from] -= _value;                         // Subtract from the sender
        balanceOf[_to] += _value;                           // Add the same to the recipient
        Transfer(_from, _to, _value);

    /// @notice Create `mintedAmount` tokens and send it to `target`
    /// @param target Address to receive the tokens
    /// @param mintedAmount the amount of tokens it will receive
    function mintToken(address target, uint256 mintedAmount) onlyOwner public {
        balanceOf[target] += mintedAmount;
        totalSupply += mintedAmount;
        Transfer(0, this, mintedAmount);
        Transfer(this, target, mintedAmount);

    /// @notice `freeze? Prevent | Allow` `target` from sending & receiving tokens
    /// @param target Address to be frozen
    /// @param freeze either to freeze it or not
    function freezeAccount(address target, bool freeze) onlyOwner public {
        frozenAccount[target] = freeze;
        FrozenFunds(target, freeze);

    /// @notice Allow users to buy tokens for `newBuyPrice` eth and sell tokens for `newSellPrice` eth
    /// @param newSellPrice Price the users can sell to the contract
    /// @param newBuyPrice Price users can buy from the contract
    function setPrices(uint256 newSellPrice, uint256 newBuyPrice) onlyOwner public {
        sellPrice = newSellPrice;
        buyPrice = newBuyPrice;

    /// @notice Buy tokens from contract by sending ether
    function buy() payable public {
        uint amount = msg.value / buyPrice;               // calculates the amount
        _transfer(this, msg.sender, amount);              // makes the transfers

    /// @notice Sell `amount` tokens to contract
    /// @param amount amount of tokens to be sold
    function sell(uint256 amount) public {
        require(this.balance >= amount * sellPrice);      // checks if the contract has enough ether to buy
        _transfer(msg.sender, this, amount);              // makes the transfers
        msg.sender.transfer(amount * sellPrice);          // sends ether to the seller. It's important to do this last to avoid recursion attacks

Contract ABI

Contract Creation Code

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