ETH Price: $1,584.43 (-2.76%)
Gas: 12 Gwei


ETH Balance

0.006012359778426707 ETH

Eth Value

$9.53 (@ $1,584.43/ETH)

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Transaction Hash
Deposit Transact...179069902023-08-13 16:00:1138 days 23 hrs ago1691942411
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.02 ETH0.0013972826.57335877
Purchase Presale178293632023-08-02 19:20:4749 days 19 hrs ago1691004047
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0058306540.85005806
Bid177960532023-07-29 3:35:5954 days 11 hrs ago1690601759
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.01 ETH0.0018056815.20599604
Deposit ETH177724592023-07-25 20:22:2357 days 18 hrs ago1690316543
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.05 ETH0.0034810527.35408592
Transfer177701752023-07-25 12:41:3558 days 2 hrs ago1690288895
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.25 ETH0.000622529.64314592
Transfer177700902023-07-25 12:24:3558 days 2 hrs ago1690287875
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.2 ETH0.0005130924.43292646
Transfer177212302023-07-18 16:14:1164 days 22 hrs ago1689696851
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.1 ETH0.001076551.26229626
Deposit ETH177162392023-07-17 23:25:5965 days 15 hrs ago1689636359
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.1 ETH0.0019862415.65009618
Transfer177064822023-07-16 14:36:3567 days 32 mins ago1689518195IN
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.71 ETH0.0003821218.19635908
Deposit ETH176812442023-07-13 1:10:2370 days 13 hrs ago1689210623
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.1 ETH0.0021820217.1463347
Transfer176812142023-07-13 1:04:2370 days 14 hrs ago1689210263IN
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.1221 ETH0.0003909718.61768448
Mint175358312023-06-22 14:45:1191 days 23 mins ago1687445111
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0043110924.42226738
Set Approval For...175295352023-06-21 17:30:5991 days 21 hrs ago1687368659
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0020266739.68191452
Purchase Presale175295232023-06-21 17:28:3591 days 21 hrs ago1687368515
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.034077 ETH0.0054225437.49639876
Mint175293732023-06-21 16:58:2391 days 22 hrs ago1687366703
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.04 ETH0.0046327742.25711676
Transfer175293652023-06-21 16:56:3591 days 22 hrs ago1687366595IN
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.0978 ETH0.0008490840.43262201
Purchase171809272023-05-03 14:58:11141 days 10 mins ago1683125891
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0094372884.16751677
Purchase171468602023-04-28 19:59:35145 days 19 hrs ago1682711975
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.00603753.84178126
Transfer171468522023-04-28 19:57:59145 days 19 hrs ago1682711879IN
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.0211 ETH0.0013064162.21010967
Mint171202482023-04-25 2:16:35149 days 12 hrs ago1682388995
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.004107 ETH0.0034054832.81632823
Purchase170892292023-04-20 17:41:11153 days 21 hrs ago1682012471
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0077322169.91469195
Deposit Eth170482872023-04-14 22:21:35159 days 16 hrs ago1681510895
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.01 ETH0.0036802340.32651543
Transfer170482352023-04-14 22:10:35159 days 16 hrs ago1681510235IN
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.0183 ETH0.0007334.76231451
Purchase Presale170393152023-04-13 15:18:59160 days 23 hrs ago1681399139
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0050234236.16994634
Purchase170357222023-04-13 1:49:23161 days 13 hrs ago1681350563
ENS Nameenicole.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0028365525.64811871
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177986042023-07-29 12:10:3554 days 2 hrs ago1690632635
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.011 ETH
164342072023-01-18 14:11:47246 days 57 mins ago1674051107
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.01572739 ETH
148630022022-05-28 22:57:26480 days 16 hrs ago1653778646
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.01 ETH
138445592021-12-20 21:40:06639 days 17 hrs ago1640036406
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.06067146 ETH
127963842021-07-10 0:23:32803 days 14 hrs ago1625876612
ENS Nameenicole.eth
0.00740047 ETH

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