ETH Price: $2,242.49 (-2.95%)
Gas: 41 Gwei




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0.540338520548069804 ETH

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$1,211.70 (@ $2,242.49/ETH)

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Transaction Hash
Transfer152750152022-08-04 9:11:24489 days 15 hrs ago1659604284IN
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.015 ETH0.0006062328.86817125
Atomic Match_150699342022-07-03 13:41:58521 days 11 hrs ago1656855718
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.025 ETH0.004785522.61856804
Atomic Match_150226562022-06-25 7:48:22529 days 17 hrs ago1656143302
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.03 ETH0.0045323519.82786113
Atomic Match_150226342022-06-25 7:43:58529 days 17 hrs ago1656143038
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.034 ETH0.0060008828.37014276
Atomic Match_150178072022-06-24 10:22:46530 days 14 hrs ago1656066166
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.025 ETH0.0055014726.00912219
Atomic Match_150169532022-06-24 6:31:40530 days 18 hrs ago1656052300
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.025 ETH0.0048965123.1490939
Atomic Match_150027142022-06-21 14:23:29533 days 10 hrs ago1655821409
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.022 ETH0.0153303867.04738911
Buy149896282022-06-19 7:42:31535 days 17 hrs ago1655624551
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.021 ETH0.0025940317.98591594
Atomic Match_149856942022-06-18 15:20:52536 days 9 hrs ago1655565652
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.035 ETH0.0051775224.42311067
Create ERC721Bur...149783012022-06-17 8:58:20537 days 16 hrs ago1655456300
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0 ETH0.02393129.8531888
Atomic Match_149723312022-06-16 8:21:55538 days 16 hrs ago1655367715
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.02 ETH0.006420330.60990301
Transfer149567222022-06-13 15:35:26541 days 9 hrs ago1655134526IN
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.24851621 ETH0.00319057151.93224005
Multicall149563012022-06-13 13:48:52541 days 11 hrs ago1655128132
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0115366975.50590243
Atomic Match_149336212022-06-09 16:44:22545 days 8 hrs ago1654793062
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.03 ETH0.02533643110.84031069
Atomic Match_149267312022-06-08 12:40:14546 days 12 hrs ago1654692014
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.02 ETH0.0083024639.2503281
Buy149149392022-06-06 12:16:55548 days 12 hrs ago1654517815
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.2 ETH0.0059989941.60020716
Transfer149135052022-06-06 6:38:09548 days 18 hrs ago1654497489IN
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.28044206 ETH0.0008955442.64494585
Atomic Match_148912642022-06-02 13:32:40552 days 11 hrs ago1654176760
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.02 ETH0.0104851649.58157155
Atomic Match_148858842022-06-01 16:43:52553 days 8 hrs ago1654101832
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.03 ETH0.02170391102.61463938
Transfer148833452022-06-01 6:32:15553 days 18 hrs ago1654065135IN
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.16218837 ETH0.0006730532.0502919
Atomic Match_148686312022-05-29 20:52:57556 days 4 hrs ago1653857577
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.12 ETH0.0071224331.15062496
Atomic Match_148609272022-05-28 14:55:52557 days 10 hrs ago1653749752
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.02 ETH0.0033214615.70061649
Create ERC721Bur...148442252022-05-25 21:40:14560 days 3 hrs ago1653514814
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0298960537.29441074
Transfer148296702022-05-23 12:48:48562 days 12 hrs ago1653310128IN
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.1 ETH0.0004976523.69794873
Atomic Match_147993442022-05-18 14:26:08567 days 10 hrs ago1652883968
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
OUT0.015 ETH0.00908842.97620824
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151043222022-07-08 21:13:26516 days 3 hrs ago1657314806
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.2125 ETH
150079132022-06-22 13:53:34532 days 11 hrs ago1655906014
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.255 ETH
144232812022-03-20 12:31:04626 days 12 hrs ago1647779464
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.13125 ETH
144218792022-03-20 7:28:40626 days 17 hrs ago1647761320
ENS Nameximenaechague.eth
0.00034186 ETH

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