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Exec Transaction185195152023-11-07 10:35:4722 days 7 hrs ago1699353347IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0038985123.35865232
Exec Transaction185195122023-11-07 10:35:1122 days 7 hrs ago1699353311IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0015094220.8467219
Exec Transaction184832752023-11-02 8:40:3527 days 9 hrs ago1698914435IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0030124319.58759044
Exec Transaction182782532023-10-04 16:09:1156 days 1 hr ago1696435751IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0053118421.22037223
Exec Transaction182782502023-10-04 16:08:3556 days 1 hr ago1696435715IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0032184723.54117212
Exec Transaction182621182023-10-02 10:01:5958 days 7 hrs ago1696240919IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.001561515.36872697
Exec Transaction182569312023-10-01 16:39:1159 days 1 hr ago1696178351IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.000979510.01574633
Exec Transaction180710912023-09-05 15:11:5985 days 2 hrs ago1693926719IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0015229918.20066486
Exec Transaction178708862023-08-08 14:45:47113 days 3 hrs ago1691505947IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0341537828.86804713
Exec Transaction177126502023-07-17 11:21:59135 days 6 hrs ago1689592919IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0015253817.24788576
Exec Transaction177084662023-07-16 21:16:23135 days 20 hrs ago1689542183IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0029724112.5302167
Exec Transaction176993042023-07-15 14:14:23137 days 3 hrs ago1689430463IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0015382115.41531449
Exec Transaction174805992023-06-14 20:37:59167 days 21 hrs ago1686775079IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0059007353.60016445
Exec Transaction174805962023-06-14 20:37:23167 days 21 hrs ago1686775043IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0151151862.70874043
Exec Transaction171948602023-05-05 13:54:59208 days 3 hrs ago1683294899IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.08160079188.72121813
Exec Transaction171948552023-05-05 13:53:59208 days 3 hrs ago1683294839IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.034032188.87464619
Exec Transaction171948512023-05-05 13:52:59208 days 3 hrs ago1683294779IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.035163170.0026411
Exec Transaction170512532023-04-15 8:32:11228 days 9 hrs ago1681547531IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0052310723.76553305
Exec Transaction170493292023-04-15 1:56:23228 days 15 hrs ago1681523783IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.003047524.69931732
Exec Transaction170492942023-04-15 1:49:23228 days 16 hrs ago1681523363IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.00161323.50907885
Exec Transaction168406592023-03-16 13:19:47258 days 4 hrs ago1678972787IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0026023223.63599194
Exec Transaction168399802023-03-16 11:01:47258 days 6 hrs ago1678964507IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0057677730.40248438
Exec Transaction168340462023-03-15 15:00:47259 days 2 hrs ago1678892447IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0031306232.01543805
Exec Transaction167987032023-03-10 15:45:47264 days 2 hrs ago1678463147IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0019478428.38934391
Exec Transaction167191212023-02-27 11:05:23275 days 6 hrs ago1677495923IN
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
0 ETH0.0017601318
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180710912023-09-05 15:11:5985 days 2 hrs ago1693926719
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
135711422021-11-07 19:04:16751 days 22 hrs ago1636311856
Bankless DAO: Developer Guild
5.80226031 ETH
127434432021-07-01 18:41:36880 days 23 hrs ago1625164896  Contract Creation0 ETH

Similar Match Source Code
This contract matches the deployed Bytecode of the Source Code for Contract 0x655A9e...7e966e18
The constructor portion of the code might be different and could alter the actual behaviour of the contract

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Compiler Version

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No with 200 runs

Other Settings:
default evmVersion, MIT license
 *Submitted for verification at on 2020-01-13

pragma solidity ^0.5.3;

/// @title Proxy - Generic proxy contract allows to execute all transactions applying the code of a master contract.
/// @author Stefan George - <[email protected]>
/// @author Richard Meissner - <[email protected]>
contract Proxy {

    // masterCopy always needs to be first declared variable, to ensure that it is at the same location in the contracts to which calls are delegated.
    // To reduce deployment costs this variable is internal and needs to be retrieved via `getStorageAt`
    address internal masterCopy;

    /// @dev Constructor function sets address of master copy contract.
    /// @param _masterCopy Master copy address.
    constructor(address _masterCopy)
        require(_masterCopy != address(0), "Invalid master copy address provided");
        masterCopy = _masterCopy;

    /// @dev Fallback function forwards all transactions and returns all received return data.
    function ()
        // solium-disable-next-line security/no-inline-assembly
        assembly {
            let masterCopy := and(sload(0), 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff)
            // 0xa619486e == keccak("masterCopy()"). The value is right padded to 32-bytes with 0s
            if eq(calldataload(0), 0xa619486e00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) {
                mstore(0, masterCopy)
                return(0, 0x20)
            calldatacopy(0, 0, calldatasize())
            let success := delegatecall(gas, masterCopy, 0, calldatasize(), 0, 0)
            returndatacopy(0, 0, returndatasize())
            if eq(success, 0) { revert(0, returndatasize()) }
            return(0, returndatasize())

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