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Exec Transaction172786382023-05-17 10:01:5916 days 12 hrs ago1684317719IN
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0 ETH0.0012068715.92163921
Exec Transaction157156112022-10-10 5:27:23235 days 16 hrs ago1665379643IN
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Exec Transaction156212662022-09-27 0:58:47248 days 21 hrs ago1664240327IN
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0 ETH0.000519836.85791101
Exec Transaction154835762022-09-06 10:33:52269 days 11 hrs ago1662460432IN
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0 ETH0.000367984.85466622
Exec Transaction150743302022-07-04 6:18:22333 days 15 hrs ago1656915502IN
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0 ETH0.0013528217.84422167
Exec Transaction149019152022-06-04 7:00:51363 days 15 hrs ago1654326051IN
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0 ETH0.0019324725.49805183
Exec Transaction147903092022-05-17 4:04:44381 days 18 hrs ago1652760284IN
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0 ETH0.002944638.84656536
Exec Transaction144880862022-03-30 14:30:14429 days 7 hrs ago1648650614IN
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0 ETH0.0031384639.45378
Exec Transaction144785462022-03-29 2:54:42430 days 19 hrs ago1648522482IN
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0 ETH0.0028593737.74004744
Exec Transaction144400572022-03-23 3:02:24436 days 19 hrs ago1648004544IN
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0 ETH0.0022807430.09337151
Exec Transaction142989792022-03-01 4:34:45458 days 17 hrs ago1646109285IN
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0 ETH0.004711362.15357996
Exec Transaction142731702022-02-25 4:33:54462 days 17 hrs ago1645763634IN
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0 ETH0.0026739535.27602955
Exec Transaction142081682022-02-15 3:01:06472 days 19 hrs ago1644894066IN
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0 ETH0.0032346842.67332159
Exec Transaction141342362022-02-03 17:00:41484 days 5 hrs ago1643907641IN
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0 ETH0.00831756109.7289804
Exec Transaction140725272022-01-25 4:05:27493 days 18 hrs ago1643083527IN
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0 ETH0.00887197111.5297869
Exec Transaction139810882022-01-11 0:46:56507 days 21 hrs ago1641862016IN
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0 ETH0.00873523115.2389966
Exec Transaction138671222021-12-24 9:34:01525 days 12 hrs ago1640338441IN
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0 ETH0.0035743347.1691016
Exec Transaction138028062021-12-14 10:38:33535 days 11 hrs ago1639478313IN
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0 ETH0.003347544.16172626
Exec Transaction137579562021-12-07 10:16:16542 days 11 hrs ago1638872176IN
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0 ETH0.0058405277.0508095
Exec Transaction136316432021-11-17 7:36:41562 days 14 hrs ago1637134601IN
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0 ETH0.0082294108.56593054
Exec Transaction135514492021-11-04 17:05:08575 days 5 hrs ago1636045508IN
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0 ETH0.00985413130
Exec Transaction135426622021-11-03 7:52:46576 days 14 hrs ago1635925966IN
Alpha Finance Lab: Treasury
0 ETH0.0099022130.63420624
Exec Transaction135286832021-11-01 3:02:31578 days 19 hrs ago1635735751IN
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0 ETH0.00868097114.50506115
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0 ETH0.0033347144
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112868812020-11-19 6:48:22925 days 15 hrs ago1605768502  Contract Creation0 ETH

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Note: This contract matches the deployed ByteCode of the Source Code for Contract 0x655A9e...7e966e18

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default evmVersion, MIT license
 *Submitted for verification at on 2020-01-13

pragma solidity ^0.5.3;

/// @title Proxy - Generic proxy contract allows to execute all transactions applying the code of a master contract.
/// @author Stefan George - <[email protected]>
/// @author Richard Meissner - <[email protected]>
contract Proxy {

    // masterCopy always needs to be first declared variable, to ensure that it is at the same location in the contracts to which calls are delegated.
    // To reduce deployment costs this variable is internal and needs to be retrieved via `getStorageAt`
    address internal masterCopy;

    /// @dev Constructor function sets address of master copy contract.
    /// @param _masterCopy Master copy address.
    constructor(address _masterCopy)
        require(_masterCopy != address(0), "Invalid master copy address provided");
        masterCopy = _masterCopy;

    /// @dev Fallback function forwards all transactions and returns all received return data.
    function ()
        // solium-disable-next-line security/no-inline-assembly
        assembly {
            let masterCopy := and(sload(0), 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff)
            // 0xa619486e == keccak("masterCopy()"). The value is right padded to 32-bytes with 0s
            if eq(calldataload(0), 0xa619486e00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) {
                mstore(0, masterCopy)
                return(0, 0x20)
            calldatacopy(0, 0, calldatasize())
            let success := delegatecall(gas, masterCopy, 0, calldatasize(), 0, 0)
            returndatacopy(0, 0, returndatasize())
            if eq(success, 0) { revert(0, returndatasize()) }
            return(0, returndatasize())

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