ETH Price: $3,432.07 (+2.69%)
Gas: 48 Gwei




ETH Balance

0.280772384720723042 ETH

Eth Value

$963.63 (@ $3,432.07/ETH)

Token Holdings

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Transaction Hash
Transfer193130362024-02-26 16:49:594 days ago1708966199
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0031865954.57894947
Borrow193061582024-02-25 17:42:235 days ago1708882943
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0122158639.45477399
Deposit ETH193061452024-02-25 17:39:475 days ago1708882787
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT1 ETH0.0087039139.89345194
Transfer193060842024-02-25 17:27:355 days ago1708882055IN
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.66527453 ETH0.00081939
Transfer193059992024-02-25 17:10:115 days ago1708881011IN
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.01564207 ETH0.00077737
Mint183870552023-10-19 21:26:59134 days ago1697750819
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.0007 ETH0.0014557911.89357392
Mint182151992023-09-25 20:31:11158 days ago1695673871
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.0107 ETH0.0022339417.30375409
Aggregate175849002023-06-29 12:16:59246 days ago1688041019
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0024101925.70761369
Aggregate175848972023-06-29 12:16:23246 days ago1688040983
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0011534726.57588333
Mint174235112023-06-06 19:36:11269 days ago1686080171
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.0025 ETH0.0047288738.18751727
Transfer172854102023-05-18 9:00:59288 days ago1684400459
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.006809 ETH0.0008340739.71785201
Purchase171718652023-05-02 8:19:59304 days ago1683015599
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.005497354.21993852
Purchase171368102023-04-27 10:05:11309 days ago1682589911
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.000777 ETH0.0037795333.70818583
Mint170966922023-04-21 19:00:47315 days ago1682103647
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.05 ETH0.0059147642.4003923
Mint170262282023-04-11 17:09:47325 days ago1681232987
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.009 ETH0.003562725.94246655
Buy170135522023-04-09 22:04:35327 days ago1681077875
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.01095721 ETH0.0027410421.692506
Create Sound And...170134722023-04-09 21:48:35327 days ago1681076915
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0152837422.87219243
Create Split170134692023-04-09 21:47:47327 days ago1681076867
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0023535319.10557909
Transfer*170131042023-04-09 20:32:35327 days ago1681072355
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0004233919.60544851
Withdraw Path To...170097972023-04-09 9:15:35327 days ago1681031735
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0045409822.07597816
Purchase Presale169966462023-04-07 12:35:47329 days ago1680870947
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0028340421.16538777
Withdraw169966422023-04-07 12:34:59329 days ago1680870899
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0008937221.217033
Mint169483602023-03-31 16:27:23336 days ago1680280043
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0.01 ETH0.0038207730.00360767
Transfer169483532023-03-31 16:25:59336 days ago1680279959IN
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.1 ETH0.0005891428.05430834
Set Approval For...169194432023-03-27 14:54:35340 days ago1679928875
ENS Nameelcee.eth
OUT0 ETH0.0020041139.27400086
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Latest 10 internal transactions

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Parent Txn Hash Block From To Value
175849002023-06-29 12:16:59246 days ago1688041019
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.09984135 ETH
175848972023-06-29 12:16:23246 days ago1688040983
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.21603917 ETH
173659742023-05-29 16:57:35277 days ago1685379455
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.3333 ETH
170135522023-04-09 22:04:35327 days ago1681077875
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.00099611 ETH
170097972023-04-09 9:15:35327 days ago1681031735
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.035 ETH
169194342023-03-27 14:52:47340 days ago1679928767
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.01 ETH
164132942023-01-15 16:08:23411 days ago1673798903
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.95 ETH
164132472023-01-15 15:58:59411 days ago1673798339
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.015 ETH
163421912023-01-05 17:50:35421 days ago1672941035
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.00120278 ETH
157961202022-10-21 11:15:23497 days ago1666350923
ENS Nameelcee.eth
0.00016731 ETH

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